Volunteers - Packing Questions

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1: About how many volunteers should come? 

We suggest at least 4-5, and have seen as many as 8; you don’t want too many because they may trip over each other!

2: Should they come prepared with anything?

No, but dress accordingly to the weather. Dress warm during the winter; (i.e. gloves and warms boots) we have a propane heater in the shop, but it still gets cold.  And summer can be a bit warm.

3: About how long does a packing session last?

With a group of 6 people, it takes around an hour-90 minutes to pack.  Once your group has packed a time or two, they will get faster with the process.

4: Is there an age requirement for volunteers? 

No!  However, the bins are a bit high up (chest height to an average woman), so it would be hard for small children to help…

5: Where are you located?  

Aerations Plus Landscaping & Irrigation Services, 3035 Lower Hill Road in Powhatan (Home of Backpacks of Love).  Pantry is located in shop behind Aerations Plus.  Our office number is 598-2723.

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